Shock Absorbing Indoor Warehouse Barrier (124cm High)

These Shock Absorbing Indoor Warehouse Barriers combine two great safety features: the strength and protection offered by heavy-duty steel protection guards and pads that flex on impact.

Flexible polyurethane pads at the base of the barrier can bend 10 degrees from the vertical on impact, allowing it to absorb any shocks from collisions and accidents. This dramatically reduces the risk of damage from forklift trucks and other warehouse traffic.

The barrier's highly visible yellow and black colour scheme acts as an excellent safety marker, even in low light or busy working conditions. The 124cm-high barriers are also easy to install.


  • Three widths: 75cm, 100cm and 200cm
  • Height: 124cm
  • Use: indoors
  • Bend from vertical: up to 190mm
  • Diameter: 76mm
  • Wall thickness: 3mm
  • Finish: powder-coated yellow with black bands



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