Euro Container Dollies and Containers With Handle

Move multiple containers around the workplace quickly and safely with our Euro Container Dollies. This version includes an extendable handle, making it easier to pull the trolleys to wherever they are needed.

Ideal for warehouses, factories and workshops, these sturdy ABS plastic dollies are a simple and effective way of reducing strain whilst transporting goods.

  • 4 x 100mm swivel castors provide excellent manoeuvrability
  • Total load capacity of 250kg or 100kg with handle fitted
  • Adjustable and removable steel handle
  • ABS plastic is tough and resilient
  • Internal dimensions of dolly: 600mm (L) x 400mm (W)
  • Made for Euro Containers/Stack and Nest Euro Containers
  • Ideal for warehouse, factory and workshop use

Capable of carrying an impressive overall weight of 250kg, these dollies are perfect for moving and distributing heavy goods around the site quickly and efficiently whilst minimising manual handling injuries and strains. 

The steel handle, which is finished with zinc and yellow passivated, can be adjusted in length from 720mm to 795mm and has a comfortable grip fitted. The four 100mm swivel castors are manufactured from a durable white nylon, and make the dollies very easy to handle with precision.

Container kits are also available - these feature top quality grey plastic Euro containers of various sizes, supplied alongside the dolly. 

The containers are manufactured from high-density polypropylene, giving them great strength, weight capacity and longevity. Containers have a temperature resistance range of -20°C to +40°C.

Packages available are:

  • Dolly with handle and 9 x 22 litre containers
  • Dolly with handle and 7 x 30 litre containers
  • Dolly with handle and 5 x 40 litre containers
  • Dolly with handle and 3 x 60 litre containers
These items are delivered in three to five days.

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