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Long-Shackle Safety Lockout Padlocks

A choice of 9 different colours means that you can demonstrably differentiate the job youre working on - and needing securing - with those jobs that other professional tradespeople are in the process of, while on-site. Which is exactly where First Mats long-shackle safety lockout padlocks come in very handy.

Being able to single-out and actively isolate seperate pieces of plant equipment, heavy machinery, electrical junctions, valves, switchgear, etc during a designated period of work in progress, enables everyone privy to ascertain singular responsibilties within a more collective framework at the time.

Extra Versatility in Long-shackle Safety Lockout Padlocks Allows For Expansion of Practical Uses

Our long-shackle safety lockout padlocks help to eliminate accidental use while maintenance or repair works are carried out. Together with the colour choices, First Mats safety lockout padlocks are also packaged with write-on sticky-backed labels (for further ID customization purposes) so as to mark them out in a crowd.

Meanwhile the extra-long handle design on the Zenex-bodied lightweight lock construct, affords greater versatility for the end user, and collaborates perfectly with hasps and tags when and where necessary.

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