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Best Turntable Trucks to Use Outdoors

From landscape gardeners and groundskeepers to everyday garden enthusiasts, outdoor work often involves moving heavy or bulky items across various terrains. To make these tasks more manageable, turntable trucks are an indispensable tool. These pieces of manual handling equipment are specifically designed for transporting heavy loads with ease. Unlike other manual handling equipment, turntable trucks offer a unique combination of loading platforms, pneumatic wheels, and a handle that allows easy manoeuvrability, even when fully loaded. 

In this article, we will delve into the features of some of the best turntable trucks for outdoor use, focusing on their design, capacity, and wheel types.

Mesh Base Turntable Truck with Pneumatic Wheels

Mesh base turntable trucks

The Mesh Base Turntable Truck with Pneumatic Wheels is a sturdy, practical choice for moving heavy loads in outdoor settings. Its mesh base allows dirt to fall through, making it a cleaner option for garden work. The truck has 340mm REACH-compliant pneumatic wheels, providing smooth mobility across various terrains.

It boasts an impressive load capacity ranging from 400kg to 500kg depending on the model, ensuring it can handle demanding tasks. You can choose from two platform sizes: 1200(L) x 600(W) x 360(H) mm or 1500(L) x 700(W) x 360(H) mm, allowing you to select the size that best fits your needs.

In a nutshell:

  • Fantastic all-round turntable truck
  • Mesh base allows dirt to fall through
  • Choose flatbed or sided versions
  • A First Mats best-seller


Basic Turntable Truck with Removable Sides

Basic turntable truck

The Basic Turntable Truck with Removable Sides is a lighter-duty option, making it an excellent choice for less extensive uses like domestic gardening. This truck can comfortably transport loads up to 200kg, and its design allows for the easy movement of both regular and oversized items.

It comes equipped with pneumatic wheels with steel centres, ensuring it can navigate tough terrains with ease. Moreover, the removable drop-down sides offer convenience during the loading and unloading processes. Its hinged mesh steel construction adds to its durability, making it a reliable tool for outdoor work.

In a nutshell:

  • The best low-cost options
  • Mesh base allows dirt to fall through
  • Hinged sides for easy loading and unloading
  • Ideal for domestic and light-duty work


Compact Rough Terrain Turntable Trucks

Pair of compact rough terrain turntable trucks

For those who have to deal with uneven ground regularly, the Compact Rough Terrain Turntable Trucks are a fitting choice. Made in the UK, these trucks are equipped with 250mm pneumatic rubber wheels and excel in uneven terrains, ensuring smooth operation and manoeuvrability.

Despite their compact platform size of 910mm x 610mm, these trucks offer a high load capacity of 450kg, making them versatile for various applications. You can choose between a steel sheet or mesh base depending on your specific needs, further enhancing their adaptability.

In a nutshell:

  • Compact platform size for easier storage
  • Choose either steel sheet or mesh platform
  • Ideal for use on uneven ground
  • Made in the UK


Heavy-Duty Two-Tonne Capacity Turntable Truck

Two-tonne Turntable Trucks

The Heavy-Duty Two Tonne Turntable Trucks are robust machines designed to handle heavy-load transportation tasks with a remarkable capacity of 2000kg. These trucks feature a steel frame and an exterior-grade plywood deck, making them durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. They are ideal for a variety of work environments, including factories, warehouses, and construction sites.

These two-tonne turntable trucks come equipped with heavy-duty 300mm wheels for optimal manoeuvrability and a ball-bearing turntable for easy steering. These trucks are proudly manufactured in the UK and have a 3-year guarantee.

In a nutshell:

  • Extreme heavy-duty 2-tonne capacity
  • Exterior grade plywood deck included
  • Ideal for moving stone, slabs and other bulky items
  • Made in the UK


Tip-A-Truck Turntable Trucks

Tip-A-Truck Turntable Trucks

Lastly, the Tip-A-Truck Turntable Trucks offer a unique feature – a convenient tipping mechanism that makes it easy to pour the contents out. This feature makes the Tip-A-Truck particularly useful for transporting and disposing of garden waste. Choose either a 200kg or 400kg version, depending on how extensively the truck will be used.

To see a Tip-A-Truck’s clever mechanism in action, view the demonstration video on the product page.

In a nutshell:

  • Clever tipping mechanism for easy emptying
  • The bucket design makes it ideal for dirt, stones and loose materials
  • Choose either 200kg or 400kg versions
  • Fast delivery in around five working days



Choosing the right turntable truck for outdoor work can significantly improve efficiency and reduce physical strain. Whether it's moving soil, plants, tools, or waste, a well-chosen turntable truck can make the task easier and faster. The models highlighted in this article are suitable for outdoor use due to their robust construction, effective wheel types, and user-friendly features. From heavy-duty options like the Mesh Base Turntable Truck to the versatile Compact Rough Terrain Turntable Truck, there's an option for every type of outdoor work.

Remember, the key is to consider the specific needs of your task and choose a truck that meets those needs. With the right turntable truck, you can transform challenging outdoor tasks into simple, manageable ones.

When choosing your ideal turntable truck, be sure to consider factors such as load capacity, wheel type, platform size and material, and any additional features that may be beneficial for your work. By investing in a quality turntable truck, you can take the heavy lifting out of outdoor work and focus more on creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces.

The turntable trucks we've highlighted here are all available from First Mats, a trusted supplier of high-quality manual handling equipment. For more information on these products and to explore more options, visit the Turntable Trucks collection on our website.

Happy gardening and enjoy the great outdoors with the help of these fantastic turntable trucks!


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