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Packaging and Despatch

Our fantastic range of useful packaging and despatch equipment & supplies contains everything you need for your business to pack and send goods. With heavy-duty industrial scales for accurate weight a huge range of items, industrial steel and plastic strapping for palletising and securing heavy / awkward loads, and your common warehouse essentials like box cutters and bubble wrap dispensers.

Packaging and Despatch - More Information

packaging equipment

Whatever you need to despatch you’ll want to make sure it reaches its destination intact, so make sure you pack your goods securely and appropriately – using the right kind of packing materials and equipment for the job. 

What is right for you? 

To answer this, think carefully about what kind of items you are shipping, how frequently and in what quantity. 

For larger goods like furniture, white goods and pallets, you might want to consider strapping. Available in steel or plastic variants, strapping will make sure your item doesn’t budge in transit. You can also use corner pieces to make sure the strapping doesn’t cut into your product in the event of it being over-tightened. 

Smaller or lighter packages can be packaged well using plastic wrap, which is then shrunk using a heat sealer. Heat sealer equipment is available for everyone from the one-man band who might occasionally post goods, through to heavy duty, industrial users. 

If you are packing items in boxes, don’t forget to make sure any vacant space is filled – you can use bubble wrap or paper filler for this; it’s all about getting your item snug so it doesn't rattle around in the box. 

If you are shipping bulk goods, or need to carefully monitor delivery costs, then you might want to think about an industrial scale. These precision weighing instruments are available as simple bench-top scales, huge capacity platform scales or even weigh beams, designed for non-standard shaped packages as well as pallets and larger goods. 

 Finishing touches 

You can optimise the packing and despatch process with dispensers for your packing materials, designed to make the wrapping of even large and oddly shaped goods, furniture and pallets fast and efficient. Safety knives are a must at any packing station, as are tape dispensers and heavy-duty staplers. 

Don't forget to check out the full range of First Mats packing and despatch equipment and supplies. If you have any questions or would like advice on the best option for you, get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts by e-mail or via the chat function.




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