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Safety Signage

Whether you are a school, warehouse, retailer, industrial company, or any other organisation, First Mats supply an excellent range of safety and emergency signage. With fixed wall mounted fire safety and other health and safety signs, PPE signs which are ideal for factories and building sites, vital first-aid signs, a whole host of free-standing caution signs for all eventualities and more, we are sure to have the ideal signs to keep your staff and visitors informed of safety requirements and procedures.

Safety Signage - More Information

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Accurately and clearly showing hazards, evacuation routes and safety equipment and instructions are your legal and ethical responsibility. The last things you want in the event of an emergency is for personnel, customer or visitors to get injured, or the situation to escalate out of control. Good use of safety signage can help. 

First Aid Signs 

It is your legal responsibility to provide adequate first aid equipment for the people on your site. You also need to make it clear where that equipment is, so using first aid safety signage is a cornerstone of an effective health and safety policy. These signs can be used to point the way to the nearest first aid kit or station, as well as clearly marking the cupboard or kit. 

Fire Warning Signs 

Probably the most ubiquitous and most extensive range of safety signage available is for fire safety. Whatever your business, you need to have clear, easy to understand instructions on display for two distinctly different areas: 

Fire prevention and control safety signage 

These signs include instructions for keeping areas clear of obstructions, keeping fire doors shut, showing extinguisher locations and instructions on their usage. 

Fire evacuation safety signage 

These signs outline the quickest and safest route out of the building in the event of an emergency, as well as showing clearly how to open the doors along the route, and where personnel should assemble. 

Health & Safety Posters

Promoting positive behaviours and prohibiting dangerous, unapproved or illegal activities is the name of the game here. Displaying signs and safety posters include those mandating the use of personal protective equipment, no-smoking signage, no unauthorised access signs, no parking and other safety signage. 

Hazard and Caution Safety Signage 

These safety signs are all about presenting clear and easy to understand warnings. This can range from cones and bollards warning about slip and trip hazards (wet floor signs, for example), to more specific signage like cautions about moving vehicles and forklifts and warnings about electrical, chemical, flammable or radiation dangers. 


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