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The Essential Role of Turntable Trucks in Maximising Workplace Efficiency

When it comes to optimising the workflow in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, the choice of material handling equipment is critical. Among the various options available, Turntable Trucks have emerged as a highly efficient way to transport materials, components and other materials around the workplace. In this article, we delve into the mechanics of Turntable Trucks and discuss how they can maximise workplace efficiency with real-world examples.

What are Turntable Trucks?

Turntable Trucks are material handling tools comprising a flat platform mounted on wheels. What sets them apart from other types of trucks and trolleys is their unique turntable steering mechanism. This involves a rotating platform that allows the front wheels to be steered independently, while the rear wheels follow in the same track. This design facilitates excellent manoeuvrability, especially in tight spaces.

Quick Facts about Turntable Trucks

  • Turntable Trucks have a special steering mechanism for enhanced maneuverability.
  • They are commonly used in warehouses, retail stores, events, and garden centres.
  • Their design reduces physical strain, decreasing work-related injuries.
  • Turntable Trucks feature mesh or plywood platforms and sometimes feature side panels.
  • Most Turntable Trucks can handle between 200kg to 500kg, depending on the model.

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Turntable Truck with Mesh Sides

How Turntable Trucks Maximise Workplace Efficiency

1. Enhanced Manoeuvrability

In a warehouse, space is often at a premium. Aisles are tightly packed, and navigating them with bulky items can be challenging. The turntable steering system in these trucks allows for easier navigation through narrow aisles without knocking into shelves or products.

Example: In a large automotive parts warehouse, Turntable Trucks are used to move heavy crates of components through narrow aisles. The enhanced control allows workers to manoeuvre around corners without damaging goods or shelving units efficiently.

2. Increased Productivity

The ability to move goods efficiently directly correlates with productivity. Turntable Trucks, with their easy steering and handling, allow for faster transport of items, leading to higher throughput.

Example: On a production line, materials need to be moved from one stage to another quickly. Using Turntable Trucks, employees can effortlessly and speedily move batches of product components to the assembly area, resulting in reduced downtime and increased production rates.

3. Improved Safety

The improved control over the truck's movements not only protects goods but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents involving personnel. This leads to a safer work environment.

Example: In a busy manufacturing plant, there's a high risk of collisions due to the fast-paced environment. Turntable Trucks, with their precise steering, minimise this risk as operators can effortlessly navigate through the plant, avoiding obstacles and personnel.

4. Ergonomic Handling

Turntable Trucks are designed to minimise the physical effort required to transport goods. The freely turning axle makes Turntable Trucks easier to manoeuvre than fixed-axel alternatives, which reduces physical strain and work-related injuries, contributing to a more efficient and focused workforce.

Example: In a distribution centre, workers often need to move heavy loads across large distances. With Turntable Trucks, the ergonomic design ensures that the operators do not have to exert excessive force, reducing fatigue and increasing their efficiency over the workday.

Ergonomic handling of a turntable truck

Other Applications and Uses of Turntable Trucks

Turntable Trucks are not just limited to warehouses and manufacturing facilities; their versatility makes them applicable in many settings. For instance, in retail, they are instrumental in stocking shelves and moving inventory. The ease with which Turntable Trucks can navigate the often narrow spaces between aisles and transport goods in large quantities is invaluable during restocking periods, ensuring shelves are never empty and the customer experience is uninterrupted.

In the events industry, setting up and tearing down can be a massive logistical challenge. Turntable Trucks efficiently transport equipment like sound systems, seating, and stage materials, contributing to a quicker setup and ensuring events run smoothly.

In garden centres and nurseries, Turntable Trucks with mesh sides are incredibly useful for transporting plants and gardening supplies. The mesh sides ensure that the plants are secure, while also allowing soil and dirt to fall through the trolley’s gaps.

In educational institutions like schools and colleges, Turntable Trucks are employed to transport books, equipment, and other materials efficiently between classrooms and storage areas, aiding in maintaining an organised and efficient educational environment.


Turntable Trucks have proven to be an invaluable tool in the material handling arsenal for warehouses and manufacturing facilities. With their unique steering mechanism, they offer enhanced manoeuvrability, safety, and ergonomics, which contribute directly to increased workplace efficiency. When considering material handling solutions, including Turntable Trucks can be a game-changer for your operations.


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