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Top 5 Uses for Kick Steps

Kick Steps, or Kick Step Stools, are handy to keep on site for most types of businesses, and are a common piece of School or Office Equipment. Used predominantly in stock and store rooms, they are also very useful in domestic kitchens, libraries and commercial or retail enterprises. Comprising of a sturdy step/stool mounted on retractable castors, the kick stool has earned its reputation as a safe, easy to use and convenient step. Here's our top five use cases

black kick step tool

1. Garage/workshop 

Using a kick step stool in the garage or in a workshop allows you to sit and work comfortably at lower levels, and also easily move the step stool around the site as required.

2. Improved storage 

Using a kick step can allow you to increase your usable storage vertically. While most sites will have cupboards or shelves at floor level up to a little over head height, keeping kick step stools around will let you store things higher up, and keep the contents of the shelves and cupboards easily accessible without having to manoeuvre a step ladder into place.

3. Easy restocking 

Restocking shelves and displays in a retail setting can sometimes require a lot of stretching and even the use of ladders. Using a kick step instead helps you and your staff to restock or create displays while taking up as little floor space as possible.

4. Maintenance, repair and decorating 

Small maintenance and repair work or minor decorating tasks might not need a raised platform or ladder — you can use a kick step to perform tasks like small paint jobs, putting up a picture or changing a light bulb much quicker and with less disruption to the working environment.

5. Increased accessibility 

Using a kick step stool can help shorter employees and those with mobility issues to work productively and comfortably without having to change worktop/counter levels or provide a raised floor section.

Things to look out for when buying and using a kick step:

Professional, high-quality kick steps and stools should be loaded with safety features like deep, high-grip treads and base surrounds, steel construction and safety locking for the castors when loaded. Even so, make sure to use them with care, stand on them as centrally as you can and ensure your clothing and footwear is appropriate and does not present a trip hazard.

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Richard O'Connor is a Director at First Mats. He has deep knowledge in areas like Manufacturing, Warehousing, Marine, and Health & Safety. Richard's insights have been featured in well-known publications such as Bloomberg Business, The Sun, and Reader's Digest. His blend of industry expertise and passion for sharing makes him a sought-after voice in his fields.

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