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Boat & Marina Matting

Discover a wide range of high-quality matting... Discover a wide range of high-quality matting for your boat or marina from First Mats. Whether it's durable matting for your boat deck, comfortable PVC mats for the shower or matting for marina facilities, you're sure to find what you... ˅

More information about Boat & Marina Matting

Boat owners know that one of the most important things to consider when out on the water is safety. That's why floor matting for boats and marinas is so important. The mats in the range are made from various materials, including PVC and Rubber, with flexible anti-slip tape products also available.

These products help create a safe environment for boat owners and their guests, providing a slip-resistant surface that can be used in many different weather conditions. Whether you're looking for something to protect your deck from saltwater damage or you need safer walkways, our range of floor matting for boats and marinas has you covered.

Where can Boat and Marina Matting be used?

The goal of this specialist range is to provide all of the matting you could possibly need on a boat or in a marina, from the front door of a marina restaurant to the engine room of a fishing vessel. Some of the popular applications include;

  • PVC Matting - For motorboats, speedboards, yachts and pleasure vessels
  • Heavy-Duty Duckboard - For workboats, tugs and commercial fishing boats
  • Shower Matting - For marina facilities and yacht showers
  • Doormats - For narrowboats and other live-aboard vessels
  • Logo Mats - For premium yachts and marina amenities
  • Anti-Slip Products - For boat decks, marina docks and jetties

PVC Matting for Boats

One of the most popular types of matting for use on boats is PVC matting. It’s commonly used in Swimming Pool Areas for many of the same reasons that make it great for boats. These include its natural resistance to water and many chemicals, preventing any risk of corrosion. The matting is specifically designed to raise users above standing water, which flows freely underneath through thousands of drainage gaps or holes. PVC is also very strong, meaning you can expect a long lifespan and excellent value from your PVC boat matting.

Duckboard Matting on a Boat Deck

We recommend using the Heavy-Duty Marine Duckboard Matting Rolls. It’s a traditional design of PVC matting that’s been used for many decades for the simple reason that it works. It’s also available in grey, which has proven to be popular with leisure and working boat owners.

Rubber Matting for Boats and Marinas

Rubber is a fantastic material for matting in almost every environment, with boats and marinas being no exception. Rubber Matting provides users with a flexible, comfortable and grippy surface to stand on, making wet floors safer to stand on. Their appearance makes them a less popular choice for leisure craft and yachts, but their durability makes them a good choice for engine rooms, bridges and other areas of working craft.

Anti-Slip Matting on Walkway

Marinas can also benefit from using rubber matting around the facility on walkways, building entrances and jetties. See our DrainAway Rubber Utility Mats, which are available in lengths of five or ten metres to provide a good value runner mat. Alternatively, the Rubber Workshop Swarf Catch Mats are conveniently sized and affordable for engine rooms and smaller working areas.

If you're looking for entrance matting for a marina or chandlery building, a traditional mat like coir matting may be an appealing choice.

Anti-Slip Tape for Marinas and Boats

In some cases, loose-laid matting isn’t an option, whether for aesthetic reasons or limited space. Anti-Slip Tape is a low-cost, convenient and highly effective product that quickly boosts grip on smooth, slippery surfaces. These are often used on the narrow edges along the hull or steps leading on and off the vessel. Fortunately, the anti-slip tape can be cut as needed from the roll, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution to slippery surfaces.

Anti-Slip Decking Plates

Ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and degreased before applying the tape to ensure good adhesion. Tape can be purchased in pre-cut panels or 18.3m long rolls ranging from 25mm to 150mm in width. A wide range of colours is also available, including black, yellow, hazard-stripe and transparent tape.

See our full range of Mats and Flooring for more fantastic matting products.

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