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Door Mats for Carpet Floors

If you're looking for a door mat that won't slip and slide on carpeted floors, then you've come to the right place. All of our Door Mats for Carpet Floors feature a textured backing, greatly reducing how much they move on carpet and other soft floors. Buy online, or contact our team for help and advice. - Click to learn more about Door Mats for Carpet Floors

More information about Door Mats for Carpet Floors

If your door mats always move around on a carpeted floor, the mat was likely designed for smooth floors only. Each of our door mats for carpet features a textured backing that ensures maximum grip on fabric surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about entrance mats sliding. Our selection features many colours and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your home or office.

Keep reading to learn more about Door Mats for Carpet Floors.

Why do Door Mats Move on Carpet?

Door mats move around on carpeted floors due to the lack of friction between the mat and carpet fibres. Mats with a smooth backing can’t grip the tiny carpet fibres, so choosing a door mat with a gripper backing is essential if you plan on using it on carpet floors. The mat may also move around if it is not placed correctly, such as when it is only half on the carpet or when heavy objects are placed on top of it.

What are the best doormats for carpet?

For carpeted surfaces, the best doormats are those with textured backing surfaces.The textured backing is designed to hook onto the carpet fibres, providing more traction and making the mat much less likely to move.

Adding more texture creates more grip, which keeps the mat in place. While it isn't possible to completely prevent mats from moving, mats with textured backings will move far less than standard mats without this feature.

Mat backing types

Note: The thicker or deeper the carpet, the more likely a mat is to move and slip, even with a textured backing. Additional measures, such as a gripper underlay, might be needed.

Choices for Carpet Door Mats

At First Mats, we offer many options when it comes to door mats for carpeted floors, but how do you pick the best one for your needs?

Our Renown mat is the most cost-effective option, especially if you only need a small mat. The smallest standard size of 60cm x 90cm is suitable for most homes, but its absorbent fibres will still help to keep floors dry and clean. The Renown mat is also available in larger sizes, ideal for busier entrances.

For a custom-size mat, consider the Premier-Plush and the Ultra-Plush, both are available with gripper backings for carpet. Our Premier-Plush is the lower-priced version, available in a range of attractive mottled colours for the contemporary home. For larger sizes and more colour choices, consider the Ultra-Plush. Our Ultra-Plush uses the same construction as our commercial Logo Mats, so you can be confident that your custom-size mat will last for many years, even in demanding entrances.

Buying Door Mats for Carpet Online

If you want to keep your mats in place and avoid them from sliding around on a carpeted floor, then look no further than one of our textured-backed door mats. With so many colours and styles, you can easily find a mat that will complement any area. Plus, we offer free delivery across the mainland UK for all orders over £45. So shop now and discover why First Mats has so many 5-star reviews.

First Mats Choice

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