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Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks

Our Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks are made with large and clear faces, making them great for use in large spaces such as warehouses, offices, gyms and public places. Choose from a selection of Quartz battery or Radio Controlled clocks for indoor and outdoor use. Our Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks include free mainland UK delivery on orders over £45.

Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks - More Information

Large Wall Clock

What are Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks?

Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks are large wall clocks, usually much larger than domestic wall clocks, with either analogue or digital displays.

How do Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks work?

Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks are essential Office Furniture that can be read from many metres away, as they are very large and have clear, highly readable numerals and hour/minute markings. Typically, they have black hands on a white background for added visibility.

Office wall clocks and factory clocks are also highly accurate: many have quartz batteries or are radio controlled, which means they are synchronised with an atomic clock that is controlled by the UK's atomic time regulator.

What are the benefits of using Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks?

  • Office wall clocks and factory clocks provide an easy way of timekeeping when it may be difficult or impossible to use watches or mobile phones, for example, when wearing overalls or PPE, operating a forklift truck or carrying out other safety-critical tasks
  • They can be read from many metres away, allowing everyone in a large space to track the time
  • Office wall clocks and factory clocks are highly accurate, which is important for time-critical operations
  • They are useful in customer-facing settings, where visitors may need to check their arrival or departure time  
  • Radio controlled Office and Factory Wall Clocks will automatically adjust to BST in the spring and GMT in the autumn: no risk with these clocks of displaying the wrong time every few months
  • Some models are waterproof and weatherproof – useful for school playgrounds and other settings where accurate timings are needed outdoors

Which Office and Factory Wall Clocks are in the First Mats range?

First Mats has a wide range of Office Wall Clocks & Factory Clocks, from 8.5” diameter clocks suitable for smaller offices through to the very large 25" diameter models which can be read from 70 metres away. All come with a three year guarantee and are despatched free of charge within the UK mainland.

Indoor clocks

Most of our models are designed for indoor use. Some offer the precision of second hands as well as hour and minute hands, including the 12" (300mm) Radio Controlled Office Wall Clock and the 8.5" (215mm) Radio Controlled Office Wall Clock.

Most have a durable shatterproof lens; the 15.5" (405mm) Medium 12hr Dial Quartz Office Wall Clock has a mineral glass front lens, for distortion-free visibility and high scratch resistance, and is encased in a smart silver frame.

Outdoor clocks

Both our weather-resistant clocks, the 12" Quantum Weather Resistant Exterior Wall Clock and the 16" Radio Controlled Weather Resistant Outdoor Wall Clock, are fully sealed and water resistant to IP65. These two outdoor clocks are also radio controlled.

Why buy Office Wall Clocks and Factory Clocks from First Mats?

Our website provides all the critical information you need to choose the Office / Factory Wall Clock for your business, and our team can guide you through our range to make sure you get the best value from money.

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality product at a competitive price, backed up by excellent customer service that’s earned us an Excellent 4.8 rating from Trustpilot. 

To find out more about any of the products in our collection of Office Wall Clocks and Factory Clocks, speak to the friendly and knowledgeable team at First Mats today.