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Sports & Social Club Matting

Matting is an essential feature of any... Matting is an essential feature of any sports or social club, providing a welcoming first impression and helping to keep mud and water outside. Choose from a selection of high-quality entrance mats, or our Rubber Matting to improve comfort and... ˅

More information about Sports & Social Club Matting

At First Mats, our customers include everyone, ranging from homes to industrial businesses, and Sports and Social clubs are no exception. Whether its the clubhouse of the local Sunday league football club, or the lounge of the region's most prestigious golf or cricket club, our specialist range of matting has been put together to cater for all your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the options and our buying tips, or contact our team if you're still unsure which matting you need for your sports or social club.

Sports & Social Club Entrance Matting

Just as with any home or business, entrance mats are an essential feature of a Sports or Social Club. Not only do they provide a welcoming first impression, but they also help to keep mud and water outside where it belongs. From the clubhouse to the changing room, entrance matting boosts the aesthetic appeal while providing a safe, clean environment for everyone at the sports club.

Our premium logo mats can be made with your logo with a huge colour palette available to match even the most detailed logos.

Buying Tips

Consider the needs of your sports club before choosing which entrance mat to buy. For example, football and rugby clubs will benefit from outdoor mats to remove mud from studded boots, whereas tennis clubs or social clubs may only need indoor mats. Also, if there are wheelchair users, our wheelchair-friendly AquaProtect mat is a great and accessible choice. It’s also super absorbent and one of our most popular mats. It’s also important to consider any fire safety regulations your sports club must comply with, as not all mats will suit.

Mats for Sports Club Bar Areas

Most sports or social clubs have a bar area where athletes and fans can grab a well-earned drink after a game or event. Whether it's a cricket club or golf club, most will only ever see the sports lounge area, but matting behind the bar is also important. Rubber matting is ideal for behind a bar where spills are likely, and staff spend long periods on their feet. The natural flexibility of rubber helps to reduce breakages if a glass gets knocked over, and the softer floor surface is more comfortable for clubhouse bar staff. These rubber mats also feature holes to allow drainage, reducing the risk of slip accidents.

Buying Tips

For your sports or social club, measure the area behind the bar to work out how much matting you need. Many mats, including the RingStep Rubber Bar Floor Mats, can be joined together to cover large areas quickly.

Sports Club Changing Room Mats

Most Sports Clubs use a changing room somewhere in the facility, and our range includes a wide selection of PVC mats specifically designed for leisure and changing room areas. These mats are multi-purpose and provide many benefits, the most important of which is a safe floor surface to stand or walk on. This is achieved by using a duckboard design to raise the user off the floor, keeping them free from the risk of slipping on wet tiled floors. The PVC changing room mats are also anti-microbial and water-resistant to help promote hygiene in wet environments.

Buying Tips

Choose from a wide selection of PVC changing room mats, all available in multiple colours to suit your Sports Club design. The mats are available in pre-set standard sizes, custom sizes or full rolls up to 10 metres.

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