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Logostar Indoor Logo Mats

Indoor Logo Mats are a great way to promote your brand, proudly displaying your business, school or restaurant logo on a vibrant door mat.

Eye-catching and extremely durable, Indoor Logo Mats will serve you well, lasting for years without wear or fade.

Out of all of the different types of Logo Mats available, Indoor Logo Mats are by far the most popular. This is because they are the most cost effective and can be manufactured in around 5 to 7 business days.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Free Quotation with Visual Design
  • Fully machine washable
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Backing

Sitebatched Indoor Logo Mat

Trade Enquiries Welcome

Whether you need a single Logo Mat or 100, we are set up perfectly to accommodate your needs. We work with design agencies, franchises and other trade customers every day.

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Our high-definition printer offers a choice of 60 colours, so that we can easily accommodate your brand needs with bright, vivid, colour-fast designs. Created according to customer specifications, the final logo mat design is agreed before purchase, ensuring you are delighted with the results.

The thick premium rubber backing keeps the base slip-proof and accident-free, while the high-quality carpet upper makes for a welcoming introduction into your business. Made with 50% recycled materials using low-energy methods, our eco-friendly indoor logo mats have been coated with a smart microscopic coating to help repel stains and ensure they are resistant to sun-damage, so that they look good for longer. We’ve also incorporated our no-cross-staining technology, so that surrounding floors are also kept safe from potential blemishes, with incredible dirt and moisture-absorbing abilities.

These indoor logo mats with high-traffic areas in mind, with a choice of two backing styles. If your mat is to be placed on carpet, claw backing will keep it safe and secure in position, while smooth backing is ideal for hard floor areas. It is details such as this that have led to our mats being certified as a ‘High Traction’ product by the National Floor Safety Institute and, of course, they also adhere to all necessary British Standard safety requirements.

Logo Mat Examples

1 - High-Definition Printing Quality

Deep blacks, cool blues and fiery reds: our state-of-the-art high-definition printing techniques allow our LogoStar indoor logo mats to definitively display your brand as intended; providing great vibrancy, depth and colour accuracy to your logo floor mat.

Available with a comprehensive selection of over 60 colours combined with our free artwork, design and proofing service, allow your imagination to run wild and get the logo mat all your visitors will adore.

high definition logo mat

2 - Stain Resistance

The LogoStar indoor logo mats actively resist and repel stains from common day to day liquids such as coffee, wine, soft-drinks, chocolate, light oils, grease and more to ensure your indoor logo mat stays fully intact.

Our Indoor Logo Mats are coated with a smart microscopic coating helps to reduce the risk of stains from spillages compared with lower cost Nylon alternatives.

Add this with our no-cross-staining technology; preventing substances spreading and covering a larger surface, LogoStar mats are a step above the competition when it comes to price and quality. Enquire about getting your own LogoStar indoor logo mat today!

stain resistance logo mats

3 - High Performance

Style combined with intense functionality, our indoor logo mats offer high performance for busy entrances with phenomenal moisture and dirt absorption, fantastic anti-slip properties and amazing wear resistance. 

Our indoor logo mats have a choice of two backing styles, maximising the grip against the floor it's placed on.

  • Claw Backing - Prevents movement on carpeted floors
  • Smooth Backing - Perfect for smooth floor surfaces such as wood, vinyl or tiled.

Dirt and Moisture Absorption

Every LogoStar mat can trap up to a phenomenal 900g/m² of dirt and 3.6l/m² moisture.

dirt and moisture trapping mats

4 - Officially Certified for Safety

All businesses must take precautions to keep employees and site visitors safe. Using entrance mats of any kind helps by trapping dirt and water onto the mat, keeping surrounding floors clean, dry and safe.

Upholding our high commitments, our LogoStar indoor logo mats adhere to the British Standards 4790 (1987) compliance and have been officially certified to be a “High Traction” product by the National Floor Safety Institute.

safe floor matting

5 - Environmentally Friendly 

Not only do logo mats look great for your business doorways, but they also help the environment. Our Indoor Logo Mats are made with 50% PET post-consumer recycled content. This includes recyclable waste such as plastic bottles and carrier bags that would otherwise pollute and damage the world’s oceans, coastlines and other environments. More information about post-consumer waste and how buying a LogoStar mat helps combat this can be found in the additional information section further down this page.

The matting yarn used in our mats, a recycled continuous filament PET, requires substantially less energy and resources to produce (in comparison to traditional staple stun methods) and is immune to shedding any fibres from the mat ensuring longer durability and wear resistance. Additionally, our 100% Nitrile EXS rubber backing, which you can find out more about here, contains 6% of recycled content.

environmentally friendly entrance mats

6 - Superb Colour Fastness and Retention

We take pride in the undisputable colour fastness and retention of our Logo Mats, meaning whenever you need to machine wash your LogoStar mat, all colours will retain their vibrancy without diluting, running or losing depth.

This is made possible because of our smart reactive dying method, that is scientifically proven to give better long-lasting results compared to other solution or acid-based options.


colour fastness and retention

Reactive Dyed mats, such as the LogoStar for example, work by reacting and forming a permanent bond between the dye and the fibres itself. By using this method, the dye gains a literal interlocking connection between the mat fibres and colour, and remains to be the most permanent dying solution to date. Because of this, not only are reactive dyed mats durable but have the upper-hand in comparison to both acid and solution-based options.

  • Better UV and sunlight resistant than solution and acid dyed
  • Better Stain Resistance than solution and acid dyed products
  • Better Colour Resistant than solution and acid dyed products
  • Unmatched Colour Fastness and Retention

Additional Logo Mats Information

100% Nitrile EXS™ Anti-Slip Rubber Backing

Our exclusive Nitrile EXS™ Rubber backing has all the benefits of normal Nitrile rubber but also adds a new latitude of superior advantages in comparison to older nitrile rubber compounds found on lower-quality logo mats.  All LogoStar indoor logo mats have a 100% Nitrile EXS™ rubber backing guaranteeing the best quality you can find on the market.

Exclusive Nitrile EXS™ Benefits

  • Nitrile EXS™ is one of the strongest rubber mat backings in the market today
  • Nitrile EXS™ resists tears, lays flatter with fewer ripples, and is more resistant to abrasion caused by repeated washings.
  • The Nitrile EXS™ rubber compound has a higher tensile strength and higher elastic modulus which is less likely to distort when exposed to high extraction speeds in larger washing equipment.

Rubber Backing Benefits

  • Water and Oil Resistance -The rubber backing provides complete resistance to most petroleum fuels, oils, acids and water.
  • Slip Resistance - Prevents slips, trips and falls and secures the mat down on a variety of different surfaces
  • Long-lasting - Nitrile EXS™ backing has an average long service life of up to 10 years.

Logo Mat Cleaning Tips and Maintenance

Machine Washing – Our LogoStar floor mats are fully machine washable, removing the stress and hassle of continuous cleaning required for other lower quality logo mats on the market. If you are machine washing your LogoStar, place the mat on medium to long washing cycle between 40-60° C (do not exceed 60°C) and allow the mat to either air dry or use a machine dryer at a setting no more than 82°C.

For Removing Dry Soil and Debris - Dry soil is the most common type of dirt found in entrance mats. This can normally be cleaned with an effective vacuum cleaner with relative ease but by implementing a regular dry vacuuming schedule, this will massively help to reduce the amount of dirt particles sinking deeper in between the mat yarn fibres. If this ever is the case with our LogoStar mat, simply shake or beat loose and stuck dust and soil pieces from the mat and continue to dry vacuum as planned.

Deep Cleaning via Hot Water Extraction – Alongside normal floor mat cleaning schedules, it is highly recommended to deep clean your mat, at least once a year, especially for logo mats in public areas including schools, churches, restaurants and hotels. Some specialist carpet cleaning companies do provide this service and there is also the option to rent, hire or buy the necessary equipment for the task. Deep cleaning by hot water extraction works by spraying a solution of hot water and a cleaning agent onto the mat and then powerfully vacuuming the excess, extracting both the solution and hidden grime caught within the mat fibres.

For further information and professional advice, view the IICRC’s Carpet Cleaning Standard (S001-1991) guidelines.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Our LogoStar mat sizes start ranging from 60cm x 85cm with a maximum size of 200cm x 550cm, with the option to select 14 other standard sizes or choose to have a bespoke tailored size to your liking. If you need a custom sized logo mat, just enter the size you need in your enquiry.

We offer a personalised no-obligation FREE design and proofing service, so you can have full confidence on the look and feel of your new Logo mat before it arrives at your door.

Technical Specifications

For the full technical specifications of our LogoStar logo mats, please view our online PDF here: LogoStar Specs