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Rubber Backed Door Mats

Door Mats are usually made with either PVC, Vinyl or Rubber Backings. The advantages of Rubber Backed Door Mats are that they are hard wearing and offer excellent anti-slip properties.

Rubber is a heavier material than Vinyl, which helps to reduce the chances of the mat moving on the floor. This is aided further by the fact that Rubber mats can also feature a bobbled or other textured under surface making it even better at gripping the floor. Rubber is also very flexible and durable meaning that you can expect a longer life span from a rubber backed door mat than one made with Vinyl or PVC, especially in areas with high volumes of foot traffic.

Choosing the right mat can be difficult, so we have created this list of our top Rubber Backed Door Mats to make the process easier for you.

Best Value Rubber Backed Door Mat - PremDry

PremDry Door Mat

PremDry is one of the best value mats available in the First Mats Range. It provides excellent resistance to crushing, soil intrusion and can absorb 5.4 litres of water per square metre.

It features a waffle pattern design to help scrape dirt from shoes and what’s more, the PremDry mat prices start from £28.95 making it one of our best-selling entrance mats.

"Sturdy, good quality mat that stays where it's put...and I love the colour! Also, excellent customer service" - Lucy A. 05/01/2017

Prices from £28.95

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Machine Washable Rubber Backed Door Mat - Renown

Renown Machine Washable Door Mat

Our Renown Door Mat is ideal for commercial entrances with low to medium volumes of traffic.

It features a plush finish with a range of attractive mottled colours but the biggest advantage of this mat is that it is machine washable at 30 degrees, making it very easy to care for and keep looking new. It is also available in five standard sizes ranging from 60cm x 85cm to 115cm x 240cm

Prices from £28.90

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Super Absorbent Rubber Backed Door Mat - AquaProtect

AquaProtect Door Mat

Our AquaProtect mat can hold an impressive 6 litres of water per square metre, making it our most water absorbent mat available. It is ideal for premises where water being bought into the building on feet is a problem and is suitable for medium to high volumes of foot traffic.

The Rubber backing on this mat is raised slightly allowing mopped floors to dry underneath rather than having to wait for the area to dry, ideal in places with regular foot traffic.

Prices from £37.95

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Heavy Duty Rubber Backed Door Mat - AquaProtect Plus

AquaProtect Plus Door Mat

If you want a door mat that has the same water absorbent properties as the AquaProtect but in a building with very high volumes of traffic then consider the AquaProtect Plus.

This mat is also available in large sizes up to 120cm x 300cm making it the perfect choice for airports, schools, train stations and shopping centres.

Prices from £51.50

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100% Rubber Door Mat - DirtTrap

DirtTrap Rubber Entrance Mat

If you don’t feel that a rubber backed mat is right for you but still want the benefits they bring, why not consider a 100% Rubber Mat? Our DirtTrap mat is made from natural rubber and features a pattern of raised fingers that effectively scrape dirt and stones from shoes.

This mat can be used both indoor and outdoor, but we recommend using it outside with a separate indoor mat as rubber is not an absorbent material so won’t offer much protection against water intrusion alone. It is however available from £21.00 in four standard sizes to cover most standard doorways.

"Good solid mat, size is accurate" - David R. 19/12/2016

Prices from £21.00

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Our range of Mats is growing all the time, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for on this list then why not head over to to browse our full range.

Note: Prices correct at time of publication and exclude VAT. Free carriage applies to orders over £50

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