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Cotton Door Mats

Cotton Door Mats combine comfort with moisture-absorbing performance. Browse our range of premium cotton door mats, including thin cotton mats and machine washable options. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question about our Cotton Door Mats or any of our other products. - Click to learn more about Cotton Door Mats

More information about Cotton Door Mats

Cotton door mats are one of the most popular types of mats available on the market. Cotton is a natural fibre that is very absorbent, making it ideal for trapping dirt and moisture. Cotton door mats are also generally very durable, meaning they will last for many years with proper care. In addition, cotton door mats are available in various colours and styles to suit any décor. Whether you are looking for a traditional mat or something more modern, you can be sure to find a Cotton door mat that will fit your needs.

Cotton is a highly absorbent material making it an excellent choice for entrance mats. The absorbent properties of Cotton Door Mats make them popular in homes where pets live as they are great at soaking up water off wet paws. All of our Cotton Door Mats are machine washable at 30 degrees, making them easy to care for.

Why are Cotton Door Mats so Absorbent?

Cotton is a material that has “hydrophilic” properties, which is a term used in chemistry to describe something that attracts water. In fact, cotton can absorb up to 27 times its weight in liquid water. The Cotton fibres also have a capillary action, where they draw water into them like a straw and then store it in the interior cell walls. If you were to place one end of a cotton fibre in a bowl of water, you would see that water gradually tracks down the length of the fibre over time.

These properties make cotton the best material for bath towels but also popular for clothing garments and, of course, for cotton door mats.

What are the Advantages of using Cotton Door Mats?

The main advantage of using cotton door mats is the unrivalled absorbency you can expect compared with synthetic nylon mats, but other advantages include;

  • Comfortable surface, kind to bare feet and paws
  • Cosy appearance, compared with more corporate-looking nylon mats
  • Cotton door mats are machine washable
  • Lower purchasing costs

Cotton door mats are also sustainable, and no part of the plant is wasted during production.

Colours and Sizes

Our Cotton Door Mats are available in various colours and sizes, all with a mottled finish which helps to hide dirt from visibility when in use.

The sizes start at 50cm x 75cm, ideal for small to standard entrances in homes, with several more sizes ranging up to 75cm x 150cm. The mat sizes do vary, so refer to the product pages for the individual sizes available.

Cotton Door Mats are popular in homes, so the available colours have been designed to complement the décor with many neutral colours such as Azure, Slate and Charcoal.

How to Clean Cotton Door Mats

For any type of floor mat to perform well, it must be kept clean and well maintained. Our cotton door mats can be cleaned by simply shaking the mat outside to remove loose dirt particles or with a vacuum cleaner.

Our cotton door mats are also machine washable for a more thorough clean, add the mat to the drum and follow the instructions provided on the label. Mats should be washed on a 30-degree cycle.

Recommended Usage for Cotton Door Mats

All of our cotton door mats are rated based on several features, including their crush resistance, water retention and soil resistance as a guide to get the best use out of them. Cotton door mats are great at absorbing water and hiding dirt but do not score so highly on crush resistance. Therefore, we recommend using Cotton Door Mats in homes or offices with low traffic volumes.

Please see our Heavy Duty Entrance Mats range if your door mat needs to cope with a high volume of foot traffic.

All of the products, including our cotton door mats,  available from First Mats have been sourced from established and reputable sources who work to stringent manufacturing standards of quality, so you can be assured that the mats you purchase will deliver excellent performance for a long lifespan.




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