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Office Chair Mats

Office Chair Mats help to protect floors from damage caused by office chair wheels. Chair Mats can be used on either carpet or hard floors, depending on the backing type of the mat. Basic Chair Mats are made from Recycled PET, whereas the strongest mats are made from Polycarbonate.

Office Chair Mats - More Information

Office Chair Mat

Office chair mats serve a very important purpose in the office as they provide a solution to a range of problems. Made from high-quality materials and perfectly designed, they are can be used to protect carpet or hard floors depending on the model and backing type.

What is Office Chair Mats Made From?

Chair mats are generally made from either 100% Recycled PET, enhanced Polymer or Polycarbonate

Recycled PET - A strong and flexible mat made from the same materials used for packaging, drink bottles and other everyday products. Ideal for home office and light-duty use.

Enhanced Polymer - Made from a blend of recycled materials and new polymers to create a great balanced mat for light to medium-duty usage.

Polycarbonate (PC) - For the ultimate strength, choose a chair mat made from Polycarbonate. If it's good enough for the windshields on fighter jets, it's good enough for your office and is backed up by a 10-year guarantee.

Why Use an Office Chair Mat?

One of the main benefits of using office chair matting and flooring is the way in which they protect the floor surfaces. Whether it is hard flooring or carpet, the constant moving of an office chair can cause a significant level of wear and tear. It can cause carpets to become worn and it can leave scuff marks and dents on hard floors. However, office chair mats provide a protective barrier that enables chair users to move freely without causing damage to the carpet below. This can help to ensure that flooring lasts as long as possible, reducing the need to replace flooring regularly.

Another benefit is that they prevent chair users from moving their chairs so often during the day. On average, a worker will move their chair 300 times per day, this can cause injury and strain. However, by using an office chair mat, users can position their chair comfortably without the need to move or readjust it so often.

Choosing The Right Office Chair Mat

As well as a choice of carpet protector mats and hard floor versions, there are two styles of chair mats available known as straight-edge office chair mats and lipped-edge office chair mats.

The hard floor mat has a smooth backing finish as this enables it to sit onto hard surfaces such as wood flooring or tiles. The carpet protector chair mat has a spiked backing which helps it to grip the carpet, ensuring maximum grip and minimising movement. The spiked backing that you find on a chair mat for carpet will not sit well on a hard floor and may slide around. Likewise, a smooth backed hard floor office chair mat won't dig into the carpet properly so will also lead to extra movement.

The straight-edge office chair mats are perfect for standard desk setups and where space is rectangular or where the user might sit with their back against a wall. In contrast to this, the lipped version is ideal for those setups where there is less space and so, they are ideal for narrower desks where the lip will also protect the carpet underneath the desk itself.

Why Buy Your Office Chair Mat from First Mats?

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