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Warehouse Labels

Warehouses need to use Labels in order to manage stock and goods accurately and efficiently. Common uses for Warehouse Labels include stock locations on racking, aisle and bay markers and floor markers. Clear identification of stock locations is essential to conform to ISO quality standards, which can be made far easier when using the correct Warehouse Labels.

Warehouse Labels - More Information

Warehouse Label on racking

What are warehouse labels?

Warehouse labels from our general signage collection allow companies to signpost different parts of their storage system (bays, racking, shelves, cages, floor locations etc) with stock inventory and other warehouse information. In this category, we’re also including self-adhesive safety signs that remain on the floor or wall permanently.

How do warehouse labels work?

Many warehouse labels allow you to write on them with a wipe-off marker pen so that you can relabel them multiple times. Others will have an open pouch at the front for you to insert a white card with the details printed on them. Normally you’ll be able to take a barcode reading of the ticket without taking it out of the wallet, saving time and avoiding potential misfiling errors. 

Some warehouse labels are permanently fixed to the floor, wall or racking system with a strong adhesive; others have a magnetic strip that allows them to be moved around as necessary. Most types have a coloured border to allow for colour coding - ideal for companies following Lean Manufacturing and other logistics / distribution systems.

Exactly how you use warehouse labels will depend on your inventory. If you’re selling hundreds of different electronic parts, you’ll need a different system from a company that’s selling sofas or gardening tools. It’s worth being clear about how your warehouse management system works before ordering your warehouse labels.

What are the benefits of using warehouse labels?

Above all, warehouse labels allow you to implement a consistent system of identifying goods in your warehouse, otherwise, you’ll run the risk of losing the goods in a sea of miscellaneous items, or spending valuable hours looking for stock. A good, clear system will avoid wasted labour and spare you the cost and reputational damage caused by sending customers the wrong goods. You’ll also be able to keep track of goods that are heading for their expiry date, goods that need to be replenished, and goods that are fragile or need caution / security notices. And having a robust warehouse labelling system allows companies to meet ISO and quality standards for warehouse and inventory management.

Which warehouse labels are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of warehouse labels for different purposes:

Self-adhesive warehouse labels These are an ideal cost-effective option for warehouses where the stock remains the same for some time, as the labels are permanent and cannot be moved around. Look out for our Self Adhesive Racking Ticket Holders, Self Adhesive Coloured Ticket Pouches and the Self Adhesive Steel Tape Roll.

Magnetic warehouse labels Use these when you have stock that is changing often, and where you have steel surfaces such as racking and steel cabinets that the labels can attach to. Take a look at the Magnetic Write-On Racking Strip, the Magnetic Warehouse Numbers Sheets and the Magnetic Self Adhesive Strip, among others.

Floor warning signs Our floor warning signs are large and brightly coloured, for maximum visibility, and have a low profile to avoid traffic damage and trip risks. Choose from circular or half-circular signs that provide a warning (for example, ‘Watch Your Step’, ‘Quarantine Area’) or alert the user to take mandatory action (such as wearing PPE, safety helmet and high visibility vests). All follow the BSI safety signs colour code or use universally understood warning colours.

We also have other useful items such as the pyramid-shaped Pallet Topper Anti-Stack Warning Sign, and our Warehouse Pallet Racking Self Assessment Chart.

Why First Mats?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our Five Star Trustpilot rating, so if you have any questions about our Warehouse Labels collection please get in touch and we will do our best to help. When you buy from First Mats you know you are dealing with a company whose reputation is built on offering quality products at a competitive price, with great customer service.