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Water Fire Extinguishers

Our range of Water Fire Extinguishers are a safe and reliable tool to fight Class A fires such as wood, paper and fabrics. All of our Water Fire Extinguishers are Kitemark Approved and CE Marked, with a 5 year guarantee as standard. Order your water fire extinguishers online or contact our friendly team for help and advice.

Water Fire Extinguishers - More Information

Water Fire Extinguishers

What are water fire extinguishers?

Water fire extinguishers are for use on Class A fires, involving solid combustibles such as wood, paper and textiles. They can be identified by their white label stating 'Water', and are available in 3ltr, 6ltr and 9ltr sizes. They are a popular piece of fire safety equipment commonly found in offices, homes and other low-risk environments.

How do water fire extinguishers work?

Burning materials are cooled when the spray or jet of pressurised water, stopping the fire and preventing re-ignition.  The water not only cools the fuel but extinguishes the flames of the fire.

Some water fire extinguishers have additives that make the water lose its natural surface tension so it can better soak into the burning materials, meaning they can be more effective for their size than a water-only extinguisher. 

What are the benefits of using water fire extinguishers?

Water fire extinguishers have an excellent ability to penetrate into the core of burning materials to cool and extinguish them. They are low toxicity and suitable for use near both children and vulnerable adults and are more environmentally friendly than other types of extinguishers. Water fire extinguishers are comparatively cheap, and simple to refill.

Which water fire extinguishers are in the First Mats range?

Our range includes a variety of sizes, finishes and with different additives available. 

Our EcoSpray water extinguishers in the XTR range provide an environmentally friendly option- for example we have the smallest 3ltr EcoSpray Water Fire Extinguisher, which contains an eco-friendly additive and is ideal for places where manual handling restrictions apply. Or we carry products in the Elite range perfect for design-oriented spaces such as our 9ltr Stainless Steel Water Fire Extinguisher, which in addition to its sleek finish boats a high fire rating. 

Why buy water fire extinguishers from First Mats?

With our excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5, we pride ourselves on our reputation for great customer service and quality products. All of our Water Fire Extinguishers are designed, developed and tested in the UK, and CE marked, so you know you are buying reliable, high-performance fire safety at a competitive price. If you have any queries or questions about this range of water fire extinguishers or any other on our website, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.