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Water Fire Extinguishers

A Water Fire Extinguisher is a safe and reliable tool to fight Class A fires such as wood, paper and fabrics. All our Water-Based Class A Fire Extinguishers are Kitemark Approved and CE Marked, with a 5-year guarantee. Order your water fire extinguishers online or contact our friendly team for help and advice. - Click to learn more about Water Fire Extinguishers

More information about Water Fire Extinguishers

Quality Water Fire Extinguishers for Your Business

When it comes to safeguarding your business premises, nothing beats the reliability of our Water Fire Extinguishers. Designed to combat Class A fires, these water-based fire extinguishers are an essential piece of fire safety equipment for any business. They work by cooling the fire and reducing its heat, effectively preventing the fire from spreading further.

Our range of Water Fire Extinguishers are efficient and environmentally friendly. They contain no harmful chemicals, making them a safe choice for your business and the environment. These extinguishers are easy to use and maintain and are certified to meet all UK fire safety regulations.

Choosing the right fire safety equipment is critical to your business's safety and compliance. With our Water Fire Extinguishers, you can rest assured that you're investing in quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Explore our range today and equip your business with the best in fire safety.

Understanding Class A Fire Extinguishers

Class A Fire Extinguishers, marked with a white label stating 'Water', are essential for tackling fires involving solid combustibles such as wood, paper, and textiles. Available in 3ltr, 6ltr, and 9ltr sizes, these extinguishers are a staple in homes, offices, and other low-risk environments. The pressurised water spray or jet cools the burning materials, effectively extinguishing the fire and preventing re-ignition. Some Class A Fire Extinguishers even contain additives that enhance the water's soaking ability, making them more effective for their size.

The Benefits and Range of Class A Fire Extinguishers at First Mats

Class A Fire Extinguishers offer excellent penetration into the core of burning materials, providing an effective, low toxicity, and environmentally friendly fire safety solution. At First Mats, we offer a diverse range, including the eco-friendly 3ltr EcoSpray Class A Fire Extinguisher and the 9ltr Stainless Steel Water Fire Extinguisher from our Elite range, perfect for design-oriented spaces. All our extinguishers are designed, developed, and tested in the UK and CE marked, ensuring reliable, high-performance fire safety at competitive prices.

Things to Consider

  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure that the water fire extinguishers you are considering purchasing comply with the relevant British standards and regulations, such as BS EN3-7:2018. This will ensure that the extinguishers are fit for purpose and meet the required safety standards.
  • Fire rating: Check the fire rating of the water fire extinguishers. The fire rating indicates the type and size of fire that the extinguisher can effectively tackle. Consider the specific fire risks in your environment and choose extinguishers with appropriate fire ratings to effectively combat potential fires.
  • Size and weight: Consider the size and weight of the water fire extinguishers, as this will impact their portability and ease of use. Ensure that the extinguishers are lightweight enough for your staff to handle comfortably and that they can be easily stored in accessible locations.
  • Discharge time: Evaluate the discharge time of the water fire extinguishers. This refers to the duration for which the extinguisher can discharge its contents. Longer discharge times can be advantageous, as they provide more time to control and extinguish fires before they escalate.
  • Maintenance requirements: Assess the maintenance requirements of the water fire extinguishers. Consider factors such as the frequency of inspections, servicing, and refilling. Choose extinguishers with manageable maintenance requirements to ensure they remain in optimal condition.
  • Durability and construction: Examine the durability and construction of the water fire extinguishers. Look for extinguishers made from robust materials that can withstand potential damage or corrosion. This will ensure their longevity and reliability in case of emergencies.
  • Discharge range and pattern: Consider the discharge range and pattern of the water fire extinguishers. Look for extinguishers that can deliver a sufficient range to effectively reach the fire, and choose ones with a suitable discharge pattern for the type of fire you may encounter.
  • Ease of operation: Evaluate the ease of operation of the water fire extinguishers. Look for extinguishers that have clear instructions and intuitive mechanisms for activation. This will ensure that your staff can quickly and effectively use the extinguishers during emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the water fire extinguisher used for?

The water fire extinguisher is a highly effective and widely used fire safety device. It is specifically designed to combat Class A fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, and textiles. The water extinguisher works by rapidly cooling down the fire and removing the heat element, thereby extinguishing the flames. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for various environments, including homes, offices, schools, and warehouses. With its easy-to-use design and quick response time, the water fire extinguisher provides peace of mind and ensures the safety of your premises and everyone inside.

What is the colour code for a water fire extinguisher?

The colour code for a water fire extinguisher is red. This colour is universally recognized as the standard for water fire extinguishers, making it easy to identify in case of an emergency. The red colour helps ensure that the extinguisher is easily visible and accessible, allowing for quick and effective action to be taken in the event of a fire. Water fire extinguishers are a reliable and essential tool for fire safety, and their red colour coding helps ensure they can be easily identified and used when needed.

When should you not use a water fire extinguisher?

Water fire extinguishers are highly effective in tackling Class A fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper, and textiles. However, there are certain situations where using a water fire extinguisher is not recommended.

Firstly, water fire extinguishers should not be used on electrical fires or fires involving live electrical equipment. Water conducts electricity and can pose a risk of electric shock to the user. In such cases, it is important to use a fire extinguisher specifically designed for electrical fires, such as a CO2 extinguisher.

Additionally, water fire extinguishers should not be used on flammable liquid fires (Class B fires) or fires involving flammable gases (Class C fires). Water can spread these types of fires and make them more dangerous. Instead, it is advisable to use a foam or powder fire extinguisher that is suitable for extinguishing flammable liquid or gas fires.

In summary, while water fire extinguishers effectively tackle Class A fires, they should not be used on electrical fires, flammable liquid fires, or fires involving flammable gases. Choosing the right type of fire extinguisher for the specific fire hazard is crucial to ensure safety and effective fire suppression.

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