Spillpod Trio - Wall Mounted Spill Station

The Spillpod Trio  Wall Mounted Spill Station is a compact and strategic solution for dealing with spills, including oil, fuel, water and coolant spills. It is a self-contained, wall-mounted unit with a compact but highly functional design, which can be placed strategically in in a workshop or warehouse in order to maintain a clean and safe workplace.

  • Fully stocked with cleaning and Oil absorbent materials
  • Self-contained and wall-mounted to provide easy access to materials
  • Compact and highly functional design
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Refills available

The spillpod trio spill station is ideal for cleaning up oil, fuel and water spills. Refills are also available so you can ensure that your unit is kept well stocked at all times.


Refill pack

  • 50 EVO absorbent pads
  • EVO perforated absorbent roll
  • Blue paper roll

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