Industrial Mats - Made To Measure Mats

The team at First Mats can help you with everything you need to find the right industrial mats for your workplace, and we will make sure you are able to meet or exceed industry guidelines and health and safety legislation.


Industrial Matting

We have a comprehensive range of industrial mats and safety mats, including products suited for light industrial packing areas, heavy-duty production environments and everything in between. Our range of made to measure mats offers the chance to find a perfect fit for particularly small spaces or long-industrial assembly lines. To create a safe working environment, you need to ensure a good fit.

Many of these mats come with anti-slip and anti-fatigue features, and some incorporate safety colouring strips to avoid tripping. You can find particular matting that is specially created for your type of work. Our extensive industrial range includes flame retardant mats, mats that are accessible to trolleys or resistant to chemicals and mats that give you extra grip. All of these products can be purchased according to your specifications of length and width and will be designed to maximise the comfort and safety of your staff.


Made to Measure Industrial Mats

If you are looking for anti-slip mats (also called non-slip mats), we can supply you with pre-sized anti-slip mats or non-slip mat roll, which can be cut to fit. Many of our industrial mats, including those available in custom sizes, are anti-fatigue (or anti-stress), which means that they ease pressure on feet, knees and lower backs while you are standing on them. As well as improving morale and helping you to look after your employees, this will save you money by reducing days lost to sick leave. In turn, this will improve your staff retention and efficiency.

There are specific anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats for different industrial uses. If you are looking for waterproof industrial kitchen mats for food preparation areas, you will need something with good drainage and resistance to greasy spills. Our custom sized electrical mats come in different thicknesses according to the degree of protection needed. Whether it's a kitchen mat or a door mat, we only stock products that are long-lasting, easy to maintain and which have proved their effectiveness in safety trials.


Custom Size Industrial Mats

We are specialist suppliers for many other types of safety mats for commercial use. Our range includes everything from entrance mats to swimming pool mats. First Mats are also stockists for GRP anti-slip flooring. Our team will be pleased to advise you on everything you need to know to get the right size and specifications to meet health and safety legislation requirements. We can also provide samples and help you to get the best value for your money.

At First Mats, we have a huge range of industrial floor mats, from anti-fatigue mats to safety mats and door entrance mats. All orders are dispatched between one and three days, although next day delivery can also be arranged. For the first choice in mats, think First Mats.

For industrial mats made to measure, call the friendly team at First Mats today!
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