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Safety Barriers

Keep your workforce and facility protected from accidental damage with our range of Safety Barriers. Made in the UK from strong fully-welded steel, our Safety Barriers provide outstanding protection, helping you to comply with health and safety regulations. From Low Level rails to corner hoops, and all with Free UK Delivery

Safety Barriers - More Information

Warehouse Safety Barrier

Safety Barriers will help to protect your workforce and machinery from damage that could be caused by Forklift Trucks and other vehicles. They can be used in walkways to keep pedestrians and vehicles separated, and around machinery or workstations to protect against accidental impact damage.

Barriers can come in many shapes and sizes, including protection hoops for corners and discreet low level rails along with our more familiar walkway barriers. The range we offer here at First Mats are painted in bright yellow and black to increase their visibility, and are built of highly durable and strong materials.

What are the benefits of safety barriers?

Using safety barriers bring several benefits to businesses that use them. The first and most obvious is that it helps in the protection of your facility, offering a barrier in areas where damage is likely to occur. This, in turn, can lead to substantial cost savings in repairs to the site.

Our range of barriers also ensures the safety of staff and visitors. Not only is this an ethically important aspect of running your business, but it also helps you to comply to health and safety requirements ensuring that should an accident occur you are in the best position to show that you took risk-limiting measures. This can save you a lot of time, hassles and money associated with potential legal cases.

Finally, using protective safety barriers help you keep your site looking tidy and in good condition. This is both beneficial should any clients visit the site as well as on any occasion where you may want to rent or sell the site on.

Who are these products for?

Safety barriers are used across various industries for a multitude of reasons. This can include anything from using low-level protection barriers and corner hoop barriers to protect walls, machinery and racking from vehicles, through to using traffic flow plates to limit and control traffic flow.

Some businesses that typically use safety barriers include manufacturers, logistics, agriculture and food production, car parks, lorry yards and construction. Any business that deals with vehicles, employees or machinery that may cause damage should consider using safety barrier as a method for limiting risk.

Which safety barriers should I use?

Which safety barrier you should use depends widely on the situation and the type of protection you need. The following safety barriers are the perfect option for a range of scenarios:

Low-Level Safety Barriers – suitable for protecting machinery, walls and racking from forklift trucks. These barriers are also low enough to not block pedestrian access.

Corner Hoop Barriers – perfect for protecting doorways or machinery in areas where vehicles have to make a turn.

Black & Yellow Perimeter Barriers – these barriers are ideal for keeping pedestrian walkways separate from traffic and machinery zones. They are tall enough to block pedestrians from accessing potentially hazardous areas.

Traffic Flow Plates – these plates can be used to limit and control the flow of traffic. They can be mounted in a way to limit access through certain doorways and roads. These are particularly useful when used in one way traffic systems.

Why buy safety barriers from First Mats?

Our range of safety barriers are designed and built to the highest quality, ensuring the safety of employees and visitors to your site. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best products possible, delivering unmatched protection against accidents and damage to crucial machinery and racking.

All of our products are manufactured to high standards in the UK and are paired with our excellent level of customer service to deliver an unbeatable experience. But don’t just take our word for it, First Mats have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Get your safety barriers when you need them with free and fast UK mainland delivery. If you have any questions about our range of safety barriers, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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